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Clear Lens Exchange (CLE)

Clear Lens Exchange is the perfect alternative to LASIK surgery. With Clear Lens Exchange, you can make your vision more accurate and beautiful.

Clear Lens Exchange
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Is it Time to Ditch Your Glasses? Discover Clear Lens Exchange.

What is Clear Lens Exchange

Clear Lens Exchange (CLE) is a surgical procedure that aims to replace the natural lens of the eye with an artificial one. This procedure is typically done on patients who have developed cataracts or presbyopia, both of which can cause blurry vision and difficulty reading.

During CLE surgery, the surgeon makes a small incision in the cornea and removes the natural lens using ultrasound technology. The artificial lens, which is made from acrylic or silicone, is then implanted in its place. There are different types of lenses available depending on the patient’s needs, including multifocal lenses that can correct both distance and close-up vision.

Patients should discuss their options with an experienced ophthalmologist before deciding whether to undergo CLE surgery.

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Replacement Lens Options

Experience clear vision with Clear Lens Exchange. Recent advances in lens technology and design have allowed us to offer numerous options to improve your sight. Learn more today!.

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